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'Wherever you go, Whatever you do, I will be right here waiting for you, Whatever it takes, Or how my heart breaks, I will be right here waiting for you. ' - Richard Marx

'I feel so untouched & I want you so much, That I just can't resist you, its not enough to say that I missed you, I feel so untouched right now, need you so much, Somehow I can;t forget you, I've gone crazy from the moment I met you. ' - The Veronicas

He's taken you for granted.
Sunday, September 6, 2009

Listening to ; Iris - Goo Goo Dolls

So I haven't been updating, sue me.
I've either been very lazy or very busy.
Its both, so too bad.

Tomorrow's a holiday ! YES. No school, baguuus. So I'll just start my homework then la.
Kills me to realize how finals are only 4 weeks away. Homg. Kill me would ya' ?
Stress like crazyy. Then next year form 5 ? Future's already killing me. Ugh.

Today is a Sundaeeeee. :p
Later I'm heading to the Curve with the whole of Science 2. Can't wait. <3
I need an outfit though. Cupboard's getting boring by the day.
Now this is why daddy gives money. ;)

Ohgodd ! I'm having such bad cramps. I don't know whether its my time of the month or its hernia cramps. :S Painful as hell. Maybe its something I ate ? I ate maggi goreng and twiggies for sahur. Hhaha. :D Damn nice. Or maybee, it was the overdose of sugar I had yesterday ? .. NAH.

Okay, I hate blogging now. Tah ah. Boring dowhh.
I just wanna reach my 100th post. :D
So this makes 85. 15 more to go !
I can do this.

Bye x

Monday, August 31, 2009


Today we celebrate 52 years of freedom.
Noone's really in the mood for a celebration.
Bummer dudes, bummer.

So yesterday I've been reminiscing a lot. I've been looking at photo albums and boy, I miss them times. So much easier, where the world was just so much, well yea you get the point. sigh.
I really love this picture. HAHHA.

I look like some serious punk wannabe okay, haha, right Sya.
HAHHA. Look at Erika's face. :p
Never gets old man, this pic.

Okay I started on homework yesterday (Y) .
& I shall continue and finish it today ! I hope.
Bye. x

Thats why I want ya' to know.
Saturday, August 29, 2009

I just came back from Gardens & surprisingly I bought nothing. Well, at least a cd never counts.
Went with mummy and little sister, Aminah.
I didn't shop because I couldn't shop because Aminah was being annoying. . >(
Grr & I was really looking forward to spending my money in some way ! Haha. :p

About to head to Tropicana soon. Sister has to see friend and pick some shizz up.
Sigh. I'm so bored la babs. Homework's calling but I ain't listeninn'. :D
I'll just start tomorrow, haha. Damn I hope I start tomorrow.
Okay I'm blabbing, know why ? Cause I'm so darn bored..ish.
I wanna go now. Bye. x

So far away ;
Friday, August 28, 2009

Another boring day will go by now.
Suppose to head out to the curve with my girlies, but decided not to,
save my mum the stress, sorry babes. :(

I've finished Physics, Biology, & half of Maths homework.
So all that's left is Chem, Add Math, English and the other half of my maths homework.
Oh god, why the hell do they even call it a holiday when I can't relax ? Grr.

I've been opening my photo booth recently. No, not to take pictures mind you. Haha.
Looking at the past photos, hmm, I tend to reminisce a lot nowadays.

Oh btw, I had a MAJOR FML moment yesterday. HAHA.
Okay so yesterday I was sitting on my roof, I like doing that, it gives me peace. 0:)
I was looking up at the sky until bird poop fell on my shoulder. -.-
Yea so thank god I wore my home shirts, so no biggie. :)
& I did not smell it Aly. :p

& with this, I conclude yet again.
I have been updating my blog, wow.
Thats cause I've got no life. MHMMM.
BYE. x